Wednesday, June 15, 2011

What's that name about anyways..??

Home Sweet Home..

Welcome to my very first post on my blog!  Hopefully you are reading this right now because my awesome internet marketing skills led you here. Okay, I'll admit that my internet marketing skills are, ummm.. sketchy at best, but it's a work in progress!  Of course, when first seeing my blog, you will likely wonder what on earth the name means, or if it means anything at all.  Okay, maybe you won't wonder, but my hope is that you will.  My goal was not only to choose a memorable name for my blog, but one that also has a personal meaning to myself.  I know that I accomplished the latter.  My hope is that I succeeded in the former as well.

In order to explain the meaning behind the name I chose, I need to go back a few years.  As you know from reading my tag line, I'm a single mom.  I wasn't always a single mom, in fact, when I had my oldest son, I was a very married mom.  I was married for a total of 12 very long, agonizing years.  And during that time, I managed to have a total of 4 children.. which accounted for the four times my ex husband(aka the big kahuna) and I actually got along while we were married.. haha!  I'm joking, we got a long at least eight or ten times at minimum.  Now I'm sure you're beginning to understand why those 12 years were so long and agonizing:)

I won't go into all of the tortuous details of my marriage, I plan on writing more about it in subsequent posts.  I will say however, that I was married to a control freak, who's favorite hobby was to put me down and belittle me every chance he could get.  In fact, he still enjoys his past time of choice post divorce. I know, you're all wondering how I go so lucky, right?  Now, back to why I chose the name I did.. the 'five' is pretty self explanatory.. myself and my four kids.  I chose peas because I kept coming back to that expression 'two peas in a pod'.  My kids and I are close, even more so after getting divorced, as I have them more of the time.  I'm still the main parent running them to activities and drs. appointments, though, I will say that my ex has gotten a little better about some of that.. 

So, of course, I was thinking of just using the name 'five peas in a pod'.. and no.. it wasn't original at all, and would be totally expected.  Then I moved on to 'five peas in a bucket', which I loved, a lot.  However, I really couldn't find anything in my life that would make using 'bucket' significant to me.. unless I counted the time my ex and I were painting the kids' room and some paint got spilled on the the floor and my cat walked through it.. leaving a trail of little teeny paw prints all the way down the hall.  Now, I was really upset about those painted paw prints on my hallway carpet.. but that really had nothing to do with my life as a whole, nor with my ex.

So, I sat.. forcing my brain to think.. think of a word that theoretically five peas could be in, that would also mean something to me.. and then it hit me! BOX!  It's actually a funny and sad meaning all wrapped up into one.. you see, since the day our divorce was final, the big kahuna has said to me a gazillion times.. within 2 years, you'll be living in a cardboard box.. you'll never make it without me.  For the most part, I just put his sinister premonition out of my head.. but I'd be lying if I told you that it didn't stick with me on some level.  It most definitely did.  It's been a constant battle inside myself, to keep myself from believing his cryptic words.  I've had moments of sheer panic, thinking.. wow, he was right.. I'm going to lose everything.  But, somehow, I have managed to keep everything together, though barely at times.  

I will prove him wrong.  I will make at least four years before I have to live in a cardboard box...  and honestly, if I could get a box like  the one the picture.. it might not be so bad, with some curtains and flower boxes.. it would be pretty homey ;)

I love quotes! In fact I have a Facebook Page of quotes.  I'll be ending all of my posts with a related quote.  If you enjoyed my first blog entry, please comment below to let me know!  And don't forget to subscribe and share:)

You must have control of the authorship of your own destiny. The pen that writes your life story must be held in your own hand. ~Irene C. Kassorla

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